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Stanza Solutions has a range of affordable IT support services refined in order to provide comprehensive solutions configured specifically with your business needs in mind.

Nowadays IT has become more and more critical for most companies. If the network fails or a computer has trouble it has a direct impact on your business operations. Many small and medium enterprises  do experience trouble within their IT infrastructure. Rather than maintain a relatively costly internal IT department it may be more cost effective to outsource partially the daily maintenance and operation of their IT systems.

Based on a bespoke Service Level Agreement, our engineers will ensure that your systems are running and have a proven track record with a focus on quality assurance that includes:

  • 365 days a year coverage for servers, networks, desktops e.t.c.
  • Service level agreements to suit your requirements.
  • Helpdesk support – daytime or 24 hour.
  • Remote Access Support - Remote monitoring and administration.
  • On-site engineers - Return to service ( ensuring reinstatement of machinery to an agreed standard ).
  • Support for installation, changes and moves.
  • Expert engineers ( highly trained, equipped with diagnostic tools to effectively assist with fault resolution ).
  • Daily checks of backups, antivirus software and health check on the server(s).

Stanza's maintenance division was established in direct response to customers' maintenance requirements for reliable, effective, and sometimes 24/7 IT repair and support services.

We understand that few companies can afford to maintain such teams in house, and so through personalised, scaled maintenance agreements – we can be your best solution.

By taking advantage of our maintenance agreements you will also be providing your staff with greater confidence in your IT systems by issuing them with a direct contact for IT support. This will of course also help your IT users to remain productive in their computing.

Our approach is one of prevention rather than cure and our maintenance agreements are about keeping you and your company up and running. So you can also expect to see us when everything is running smoothly – so it will stay that way!

We pride ourselves on our proactive approach to your company’s requirements. Through individually tailored programmes which include regular visits as well as remote management and telephone support systems, you can rest assured that we have your business covered, so you don’t need to!

The following services are included in the IT maintenance program:

  • Optimizing Hardware and Software Performance.
  • Removing Spyware and other invasive software.
  • Virus Clean Up.
  • De-fragmenting Disk Data.
  • IT Troubleshooting.
  • Overall System Consultation.

For more information, please send an e-mail to:

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