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Copywriting – Creating Persuasive Website Content and Marketing Collateral

The most challenging part of a website project isn't design. It's not coding in all the tools that you want to give customers. It's writing the content. Answering the question, "What do we SAY about our business?"

The most successful companies don't talk about themselves on their website. They talk about their customers' needs. The problems those customers have. The solutions they provide. How they work. And how they’ve helped past customers.

There's an art to this kind of selling. It's called Copywriting.

Copywriters write to sell. Their work makes the difference between…

  • A website beating its competitors on traffic - and a boring website that nobody visits.
  • A case study that people blog about for weeks - and one that nobody downloads.
  • Newsletters that people forward to friends - and a newsletter people ignore.
  • Promotional emails that attract new customers - and emails stuck in the Spam box.
  • Press releases picked up by media outlets - and press releases lost in the shuffle.

"Why shouldn't we write our own content," you might ask? "After all, we know what we do better than anyone else."

That may be true. But by using a copywriter, you gain two big advantages over competitors who don't.

1. A Professional Writer's Perspective

A professional copywriter considers every angle while writing. Yours, typical human behavior, and most importantly – your ideal customer's. If your customer reads something that appeals directly to their desires, then they will be convinced to do what you want them to. Think of the copywriter as a seasoned tour guide. He directs the reader along a certain path, using words as signposts to guide them toward a specific action. Subscribe to your mailing list, for example. Or click the 'Buy Now' button.

2. Search Engines Like Clear Website Content

There's a rule of thumb among copywriters. "Write so the reader understands. The search engines follow them."

Search engines used to rely on SEO keywords only to rank web pages in their index. However, now they also look at other page elements. Particularly how clear and persuasive the page content is.

This means your website's content and your SEO efforts are tightly linked. On-point content, coupled with organic SEO information, is the most effective AND longest lasting strategy to high search engine rankings.

Our Copy writing Services

  1. Website Content Creation.
  2. Newsletter Content Creation.
  3. Editing and Proofreading.
  4. Market / Competitor Research.
  5. Case Studies.
  6. Obtaining Testimonials from Customers.
  7. Interviewing Employees – To determine what sets you apart in the marketplace.
  8. Search Engine Optimization - Making sure your content is as search engine-friendly as possible.

Where would you rather spend your money today? On a few expensive ads already fighting against a slew of others? Or on professional-grade copywriting and SEO, targeted right at your customers' desires?

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